The Institute for Contemporary Art P.S.1 Museum

November 8, 1992 - January 10, 1993
Bingeing organized by Kenny Schachter

Beth Haggart
Rachel Harrison
Yvette Helin
Robert Melee
Les Rogers
Christian Schumann

Creating rituals. Succumbing to urges. Inevitable habits.
Seeking control. Irresistible impulses. Nature vs. nurture?
Somehow, one attains a level of comfort from things
hurtful and destructive. Maybe consistent behavior is
reassuring. This show will address issues associated with
individual acts meant to cushion against all that is
perceived to be threatening or unsure. Avoiding
disappointment in favor of insulation and protection
affords a sense of well-being and complacency. The daily
confrontation with time and space can be overwhelming.
Through artwork in various mediums this show explores
self-wrought human transformations seen through
obsessive-compulsive actions.

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