By Roberta Smith

APRIL 22,1994,

Kenny Schachter, a 32 year-old artist and
lawyer who has been organizing exhibitions
in and around SoHo for nearly four years,
introducing the work of several now well-
known. artists in the process, rarely pops up
in the same place twice. His group shows are
usually jammed chaotically into semi-raw
spaces and accompanied by hard-to-follow

His latest effort, "I Could Do That," in-
stalled in a former jewelry gallery in SoHo, is
a belated, and one hopes final, response to
Morley Safer's infamous "60 Minutes" seg-
ment. Presenting 18 artists, this show ranges
from works made from garbage bags and
(live) electrical wiring, to abstract paintings,
and seems intended to poke at the issues of
value and skill from several different angles.
It occasionally lives up to its title's philistine'
dismissal, probably on purpose. Standouts'
include drawings by Karen Yasinsky, John
and Drew Beattie and Daniel David-
son (who work as a team); paintings by Ricci
, and brightly colored assemblages,
for lack of a better word, by John Illig and
Ilona Malka. There's always something to
see in Mr. Schachter's shows, if you look hard
enough, and this one is actually neater, and
easier to see, than usual.

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