Decorous Beliefs, June 15 - July 13, 1991, 89 Greene Street

This show will depict art with or without political significance
that is proper or improper. There is presently underway in
academic circles a movement to further allegedly correct
positions on woman, minorities, and multicultural studies
establishing polarities dismissing those not towing the
politically correct line of thought. Similarly, in the art world,
there appears a frenzy to present art that addresses social,
political and environmental issues, usually over laden with
critical theory, at the expense of acknowledging the merit of art
that overtly does not. Surely, to help forward our thinking and
acts in the direction of coexistence is favorable; yet, it is
tiring to be subjected to a concentration of shows intended to
teach moral lessons.

Consciousness raising and the constant bashing of "Western
culture" are not necessarily the only vocation of the arts. Art
deemed important inasmuch as it can be said to explain social
conditions, and putting in a lower rank art that does not, is an
unduly restrictive form of classification. Is it the task of art
to convert us politically? Without fear of being charged racist,
sexist or homophobic, this show, through emphasizing humor in
artworks, will seek to address the unbalanced state of things
where you must be delimited by strictly decorous beliefs.

by Kenny Schachter


With or without? Decorous Beliefs -- a show of art that may or may not have political significance. Curated by Kenny Schachter at Natalie Rivera's exhibition space, this group of work rejects the current frenzy to present art that addresses social, political and environmental issues in a manner deemed "correct" by a corrupt society. Refuting the idea that art is meant to be purely (and boringly) didactic, Decorous Beliefs presents artistic endeavor meant to provoke and question the restrictions of the label "politically correct" in a humorous and sometimes outrageous way, while expanding the impact of art beyond the realm of classification. Decorous Beliefs smashes the barriers of what is perceived as good taste to address the confused state of things.

by Carol Leggett

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