October 1992
pgs. 126-127

New York: News
Panorama NYC Summer Group Shows Offer More Than the Usual Leftovers and Tedious Accrochages

"Morality Cafe" is the latest curatorial effort by Kenny Schachter. The show at Postmasters gallery is focused "on the individual ethical decision-making process" and pointed out crucial but difficult questions. What kind of integrity has to be sacrificed in order to go ahead as an artist? A "cornerstone" concept indeed.

A huge mural portrait of John Gotti made out of thousands of Avery dots by Maura Sheehan gave a good answer. In front of that were the remains of John Lekay's outburst of rage after a violent disagreement with the curator himself. The event was not staged and police had to be called in to settle the matter. Schachter decided to keep the destroyed work as a memento of a very real ethical decision. When faced with true feelings, the art world probably can realize how little reality is accommodated in it.

by Francesco Bonami

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